At COSMO Professional, we’re amalgamating decades of expertise in beauty, product development, and retail—as well as the lens of womanhood—to build a lifestyle brand for real life. The creators work with experts from the field and create custom formulations that truly surpass anything in the marketplace. The result is a line of luxurious products that is unique in every category: Mousse that conditions, serums that hold, sprays that don’t flake, skincare-grade shampoos that prep hair for styling and gently balance the scalp, and masques that have the richness. And this is just the beginning.

Every product undergoes a range of extensive testing backstage to ensure that it outperforms its output. It is sheer MAGIC in the performance. At COSMO, we recognized an opportunity in professional hair care to fashion a brand that offers a distinctive, boutique perspective within the sector. Our mission is to create inventive solutions designed to solve real-world hair problems.



The finest in personal care and beauty should be accessible by all. We have a compromise-free approach to our brand

Contemporary Perception

Innovative, consumer-driven methods & recipes fashioned only to suit the 21st-century cures and treatments.

Principles Cultivated

The ethics constituted from our decades of functioning as an Industry unit to complement seamlessly the need of the current age.

  • See. Touch. Try. Love
  • Decadent consistencies. Captivating results. Rich, velvety lather.
  • Experience optimal beauty through the senses. Our textures are designed to take you on sensorial journeys, with the premium ingredients for an extraordinary hair care experience like no other.


COSMO PROFESSIONAL concentrates on healthy hair & encourages each hair texture to bloom as it desires. We search the globe for the acclaimed formulas and run thousands of examinations with our researchers until we craft the applications to help you attain your happiest hair.


Hair is our natural crown of beauty – yet not an easy one to wear. These splendid, complex structures are fascinating, yet vulnerable to damage and the world that surrounds us turns things even more complicated. Heat, cold, sun, stress, wind, or weather, are all possible damaging factors that our hair must nevertheless face daily. As the damaging factors cannot be entirely avoided, care and repair products help in achieving strong and healthy hair. Because everybody’s hair is different, consumers are looking for personalized products to help them achieve a great look and feel. Our Professional range of quality hair care products delivers high-performance and multifunctional benefits that satisfy the diverse and complex needs of the modern consumer. It has been designed to cater to all hair types and various consumer needs to deliver the best-in-class results that consumers will feel and definitely love.


As a commitment to helping the planet through our brand, we make constant efforts to reduce the environmental impact & to formulate cleaner products that are kinder to both you and the planet. We use eco-friendly, natural & ethically sourced ingredients, and bridge scientific research to create highly efficient & sustainable products.

  • Natural & Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Kinder Environmental Impact
  • Anti-Animal Testing
  • Halal